The Original Splashproof Beverage Fountain

Engineered to last and replacement parts ALWAYS fit

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EXCLUSIVE to San Marino:
More efficient pump and motor, designed
and manufactured by San Marino. This air cooled pump motor located in the base away from the beverage while others use an oil bath pump that can contaminate the beverage and uses the beverage to cool the motor.

Bowl and base are welded together with
the same kind of welds holding your car
together. All stainless steel bowl and base.

Large 5/8 inch diameter molded nylon
supply tube with large mounting brackets
and clear flexible supply line. Large
threads don't strip or cross thread.

Pump flow is matched to nozzles
to prevent over pumping beverage.
Easy twist on-off pump housing for cleaning.
No little nuts or screws to mess with.
Large inlets to accept and pump pulp.
Pump motor is air cooled and mounted in
the base, away from the beverage.

Two moisture tight light caps and
sockets with pole O-ring sealed at bowl end with a machined stainless steel flange.

San Marino products are made entirely in the U.S.A.
in our own 30,000 sq. ft. Southern California Facility

San Marino Fountain
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