NEW Heavy Duty Cord and Outlet on Link-a-lite tent lights
Use a 60 watt incandescent BULB or 9 watt LED.

The fastest and easiest way to light tents.
Convenient 600 watt outlet on each light for easy linking together.
You can connect 66 on one string using 9 watt LED's!

Imagine lighting a whole tent from one outlet!

Quick set up for a quick return on your investment.
Designed and Made in USA for the rental industry.

Unbreakable, snap together, 8" Acrylic globe. Mounting is fast and easy
in any tent on any size pole with unique rubber band mounting system.

A 9 watt LED puts out the equivalent light of a 60 watt incandescent bulb.
LED resists shock so it won't burn out easily.
600 watt outlet allows you can link up to 66 together. WOW!
HEAVY DUTY 12 foot cord with outlet for ideal spacing.
Double insulated and unbreakable.

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